NEVER miss an opportunity again

Side Door Networking is a system that grants users access to the most elusive, exclusive, and ludicrous opportunities in the market.


🛠 Build A Brand


Stop wondering how to put yourself and your success out into the world.

📈 Elevate Your Name


No more connecting with industry leaders without providing value.

💰 Land The Interview


Quit hoping and praying for interviews, with nothing unique to bring.


  • Wondering what to do or what to post
  • Wasting time with unrewarding conversations
  • Being disorganized on social media
  • Not knowing how to lead with value
  • Being unaware of how to share "wins"
  • Sending messages just hoping they reply
  • Losing track of people and conversations


  • Know exactly how to move the needle in your career
  • Start having profitable conversations every day
  • Keep organized contacts, opportunities, and connections
  • Spend less time networking and more time profiting
  • Connect with industry titans consistently and effectively
  • Build lasting relationships that lead to more doors being opened
  • Become " that guy" or "that gal" who's always top of mind




"Christian provides easy to understand principles and simple to follow practices to a process most believe is complicated -- networking. If you are wanting to know how to find job opportunities that are hidden to the public or wanting to get ahead of the crowd of other applicants, Side Door Networking will help you do it."

 - Hunter Ales


"Side Door Networking has been a major help diving deeper into how networking in the high-ticket space has changed the game. If you're someone like myself who knows little-to-nothing about networking through social media with the purpose of building relationships and opening more doors in this industry in an efficient and effective manner, definitely get into the know with Side Door Networking. It's already giving me more certainty in how I approach situations here online (friend requests for example!)."

 - Sam Steindorf


"The Side Door Networking program over delivers. It helps to align your thoughts and actions to those of a powerful, high-status networker that people want to connect with. It also comes with an impressive toolbox of practical resources that will get you organized, effective, and clear on how to build the business of YOU as a sales professional. 5 out of 5 stars for me."

 - Jake Peterson


"Side Door is a valuable resource that fills a crucial niche in my professional development. It's not just packed with education and insight, but also filled with powerful tools to drive implementation."

 - Abe Vantze


"For anyone who doesn’t network or doesn’t know how to in the remote space or generally too, Christian’s Side Door Networking is definitely something to get your hands on. It’s clear and to the point and the framework laid out is Christian’s personal strategies that have worked for him successfully. Side Door Networking shows you the steps and path forward to build a solid network and personal brand where opportunities and roles come to you and not the other way around."

 - Arjun Satam


"The Side Door Networking program is a valuable resource for those new or existing sales professionals wanting to gain loads of nuggets to implement that will help them to navigate the industry of sales."

 - Zeshan Haroon